Best Car Under $3500 for a 16 Year Old Girl

Somehow I ended up with a 16 year old daughter. Frankly, I blame my wife. And Mike's Hard Lemonade.

She just got her license and has about $1700 saved. I told her when she started high school 2 years ago that if she kept her grades up, I would match her car fund. She's made straight A's so I have no choice but to pony up the cash. With college costs what they are, I think it will be a worthwhile investment.


I want something safe and as reliable as ~$3500 will buy. She says she wants a Jeep. Thankfully, I still have full veto power. This may be the only area my wife has granted that authority and it may just be a trap to watch me f#%k it up.

So what would my fellow Jalop-ers recommend for a species that is probably most foreign to the 30's male gear heads that inhabit this place, a teenage girl?

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